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Welcome to GoldenCode!

GoldenCode is a small but fine software development company located near Cologne / Germany. We develop software that works. Exactly as you want it to. Whenever existing applications don't suit your needs or don't meet your requirements, we enter the scene to create an individually tailored solution for you.

We develop professional software. Our applications, satisfying highest demands, are proven in day to day usage. If you want compact, highly efficient code combined with good looking and easy to use graphical user interfaces - choose GoldenCode.

Our developers cover a wide variety of programming techniques. In every of this areas we - and thus you - profit of many years of experience. Of course we are constantly enlarging our knowledge base to be always able to offer you the technically most advanced solutions for your software needs. Whenever possible we use and support open standards like XML for data storage, ODBC for database access or OpenGL for graphics.

Three things we take special care of:

  • No bugs
    In contrast to the standard of about 2 bugs per 1000 lines of code we deliver software with just about 1 bug per 2000 lines (this value is based on an analysis of our most complex software system to date with around 220000 lines of code). In the rare case a bug is encountered it will usually be fixed in very few hours.

  • Performance
    For us high performance computing is a must. If necessary time critical program parts are manually tuned using assembler.

  • Look and feel
    The best software is worth just half if it does not look or feel good. We take special care of both by implementing or extending GUI elements exactly suiting the respective application.

We develop using

  • C/C++
  • Assembler (6502, 68HC11, 680xx, ARM (VFP), PowerPC)
  • Objective C
  • Java
  • PHP
  • JavaScript

Special technologies

Some of the tools we use

We support the following target platforms